Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) has raised questions about the sources of funding of N14.8 billion 2018 budget of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress, APC as announced by the National Treasurer, of the party, Mr. Bala Gwagwarwa 

Mr Gwagwarwa was quoted to have said APC would generate N2.4 billion at the rate of N100 million from each of the 24 states under its control and another N1.05 billion from eminent members of the party in non-APC states to  fund the budget. 

But Sesugh Akume, National Spokesman for ANRP in a statement on Wednesday said APC’s intention to raise N100m from the 24 states under its ‘control’ especially when some of the states are known to be owing over 12 months in unpaid salaries and pensions of retired workers is a demonstration of impunity and insensitivity to the plight of suffering Nigerians.

Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party

“It is now clear where APC priority lies: in mere politics and self-serving interests, not in being of service to our people,” the party said.

The party also noted that going by APC's income projections, N2.4 billion with N1.05 billion is N3.45 billion, ANRP wondered if the outstanding N11.37 billion balance come from 100 naira monthly donations by members as APC stated. 

The party reminds APC That the Electoral Law clearly stipulates that the maximum amount any individual or body corporate may donate to political parties is N10 million.

“This law applies to all, APC included. ANRP is interested in knowing these 'eminent' Nigerians who would be donating billions of naira to finance APC.

ANRP also reiterated its objections to the use of public funds to finance parties and elections.

“This is not acceptable, ANRP rejects it. ANRP raises money from crowdfunding and freewill donations, etc. Our books are also open for scrutiny”

“APC (as every other political party) will have to show where every dime of their financing comes from. APC must be transparent and accountable about their financing. They must do the right thing, and follow ANRP's example.

The party added that plans by APC to spend a stupendous N500 million on vehicles for their National Working Committee (NWC) officers, that is, N25 million each for 20 vehicles from its 2018 budget is the replication of the same culture of wastage and misgoverning across all levels that the ruling party has foisted on all arms of government and at all levels since it came to power.

“Under the APC government Nigeria has this 2018 become the country with the highest number of people living in abysmal poverty, and also the highest percentage of the population living in such dire poverty.

“The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) also releases reports that demonstrate that millions of jobs are lost every quarter, businesses dying, as well as increasing hardship with more people falling into penury daily.

“Yet, APC feel no sense of responsibility and have chosen to continue in their ways of lavish spending. Nigerians now know better on how to decide,” ANRP said.

The party said it will closely monitor campaign financing to ensure that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC performs its constitutionally assigned task of task of ensuring strict compliance to laws related to  financing of elections and that violators of the laws are punished.  

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