The United Kingdom government has concluded arrangements to  build  a £695,525  wing at KiriKiri prison in Lagos state, Nigeria.

The construction of the new section, is a fulfilment of a 2014 prisoners' transfer agreement reached between Nigeria and British governments. 

Nigerians currently serving jail terms in the UK are to be transferred back home to complete their sentences after the completion of the new wing at Kirikiri. Nigeria Prisons Service Headquarters  

According to statistics provided by the lower house of the British parliament, there were 320 Nigerians in England and Wales at the end of 2016.

The British government has been exploring ways to free up its prisons by negotiating with countries that have a sizable number of prisoners in its jails to allow their citizens to return home to complete their sentences.

 The U.K Foreign Secretary,  Boris Johnson, says helping Nigeria improve its prison capacity will help free up much needed space in his country’s penitentiaries.

"Helping Nigeria to improve its prison conditions and increase prison capacity will enable us to transfer more prisoners to Nigeria, which will in turn free up prison places in the UK," he said.

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