The 2015 presidential candidate of KOWA party, Prof. Remi Sonaiya has declared interest in contesting for the nation's number one position in the forthcoming general elections.

She, however, said four other members of her party have also signified interest in the party's presidential ticket. 

Speaking at the commemoration of 2019 International Women’s day on a radio station, WFM 91.7, Prof. Remi asserted that she would have to go through the primaries like every other interested persons to allow party members determine who will represent them at the presidential election.

Professor Remi Sonaiya

“Yes, I am coming out. I am planning to run as one of the aspirants in KOWA Party. Four other people have indicated their interest in the ticket, so let’s see what happens after our primary,” she said in response to question on the radio program on whether she will contest in the 2019 presidential election

She further encouraged more women to come out and contest for political positions in the country. 
According to her, women would continue to miss out from the rewards of democracy if they are not well represented in the political circle of the country.

“By leaving the leadership position to men alone, we have denied ourselves our rights. I really hope that women will be determined and stand, in not just talking about the situation of things, but assuming responsibilities. We should not be begged to take charge.”

The 2015 presidential candidate also  noted that that no country can develop without the involvement of women.

“We cannot have a developed nation without women’s involvement. We have the skills and abilities to prepare for leadership,” she state.

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