A civil society group, Joint Action Front (JAF) said it will join in the Nigeria Bar Association, NBA planned protest against the recent increase in Land Use Charge in Lagos state.

The Ikeja branch of NBA is anchoring a peaceful protest to kick against the enforcement of the recent increase in the land use charge by Lagos state government.

JAF enjoined all citizens to join the protest, saying that the masses would be greatest victims of the ‘wicked policy’.

Pro-labor Joint Action Front activists in Lagos

“JAF notes, from its preliminary study of the obnoxious Land Use charges that the working people and the poor masses of traders, women, and artisans would be greatest victims of the wicked policy, which would manifest in indiscriminate increases by Shylock landlords.”

The CSO asserted that the Governor had employed the service of some ‘political jobbers’ to sell the increment to Lagosians and convince them that the new tax would contribute to the development of Lagos and make life easy for Lagosians.

“JAF urges Lagosians to see the NBA Ikeja led protest as a wakeup call to RESIST and DEFEAT all the anti-people and repressive policies of the APC Ambode Government of Lagos that daily manifest demolition of shops and houses of the poor, unlawful arrests, extortions, detention and imprisonment of hundreds of poor masses indiscriminately arrested on both major roads and inside the streets for premeditated charges of wandering, street trading and road crossing, etc,” the group said.

The group also appealed to well-meaning Lagosians including labor unions to join forces with NBA Ikeja and collectively reject what it described as the anti-people and wicked increases in the Land Use charges imposed by the exploitative Ambode Lagos Government.

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