Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently, and for all the same reason.” - Jose Maria Eca de Queiroz

A nation is judged by its elected leaders and their actions. The president should be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. Scratch your head and the memory flickers into life. Nigeria was once a peaceful country. Nigeria was once a safe country. Nigeria was once a prosperous nation. Nigeria was once the giant of Africa.

Scratch your head again and remember how Nigeria was once a footnote in international press. Today, Nigeria is all over the internet for the wrong reasons. By now, you've got the idea of where I'm going. What follows makes for grim reading. If you're comfortable in your fool's paradise shell, don't bother to read on. But if you're disturbed by the dire situation in our country, read on and hear me loud and clear.

From councilors to state and federal legislators, from governors to the president, Nigeria is ruled by low-life people with mentality of a retarded caveman. The acquiesce of oppressed Nigerians makes matters worse. They remain subservient, subhuman, and totally surrender to the tyranny of the few. Both leaders and the led live in fool's paradise. Our democracy is a fatal flaw. There are many dumb Nigerians than smart Nigerians. The results of our elections show. Welcome to the new Dark Ages!

Bayo Oluwasanmi

Look at the action and inaction of President Muhammadu Buhari. The action or inaction and absence of leadership in times of crisis and emergencies speak volumes to the type of president and government we have. It also sheds light on our stupidity as a people for electing fools. How can you describe the indifference of the president who choose to preside over weddings when thousands of his citizens are murdered by his Fulani kinsmen herdsmen terrorists? What do you think of the president who prefers to attend weddings than go to funeral of his citizens?

How can you explain or defend the priorities of a president who receives medical treatment abroad and flew his son to German hospital for treatment from injuries sustained on a jolly ride bike when hospitals and healthcare system in his country have completely collapsed? For how would you describe the sad story of a nation where no one is in charge? How would you describe the action of a president whose concern is for village feasts, empty promises, and sickening corruption and rule of law? The alarm bells have long gone off but no one is in charge.

“The word politics is derived from the poly, meaning many,” Larry Hardiman reminds us, “and the word ticks, meaning blood sucking parasites," says Hardiman. In 2019, let's halt the more than half a century old addiction of electing parasites. Looking ahead of 2019 presidential election, the consequences for a depraved nation for re-electing the old Brigade of Thieves will have dire consequences. Our fledging democracy cannot survive unless Nigerians who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.

Life and future of Nigerian youths are vanishing before their eyes. The youths who complained about bad leadership must guard against biased choices. They must choose and elect one of your own in 2019 to avoid a far more riskier and much, much harder future. It is therefore the moral duty of every poor Nigerian, every unemployed youth, every suffering and smiling adult to guarantee that President Buhari is a one term president.

We know the political process is imperfect. We know politics will not solve all our problems. But our votes are necessary and needed to elect the right person who will promote the welfare of our family, neighbors, and fellow citizens, and protect the innocent and the vulnerable. If the youths fumbled and floundered in 2019, the Brigade of Thieves will permanently steal their future and the future of Nigeria. Join me in changing the old Brigade of Thieves. Let's reject the leadership of fools in 2019.

Let's go there...!

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