Mr. Kabiru Getso, Kano Commissioner for Health, has announced that Cerebro Spinal Meningitis has been identified as the ‘mysterious illness’ that killed eight persons in Dungurawa village of Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area of the state.

The commissioner for health made this known at a news seminar held in Kano on March 28. 

He added that a Rapid Response Team was dispatched to the affected area as soon as the news of the disease got to the ministry.


He said, “The first case was reported on March 15, but they all died before they got to a health facility. Prior to when the disease was confirmed to be Cerebro Spinal Meningitis type A, the victims were vomiting and also, had convulsion and a high fever.”

According to Mr. Getso, the state had already launched an investigation to identify unreported cases while a special unit has been set up to take care of people with the symptoms of the disease.

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