Young activists, numbering about 100, have held a sensitization rally in Lagos to endorse Omoyele Sowore, the Publisher of Sahara Reporters as a presidential candidate in Nigeria’s 2019 general elections.

The activists, made up of students from tertiary institutions across the state and others who are simply tired of the recycling  of old politicians for elective offices, moved from streets to streets, markets and spoke in buses to sensitize residents of Lagos on the need to get their voter cards and not sell their votes to anyone.

 Awopeju Idowu, one of the lead participants at the endorsement rally, called on the people to get their permanent voters’ cards and use them to kick out all the politicians who have failed to deliver on the promises they made during their campaign in 2015.

PHOTONEWS: Young Activists Endorse Sowore For Presidency In Lagos

He said, “The most important message we are passing today is to get your PVC. Keep your PVC to be used in 2019 and you will use it to determine your fate and destiny.”

“In 2019, you would use your PVC wisely and invest it in a youth and somebody who is a figure of transparency and courage, Omoyele Sowore.”

He urged Lagosians not to be deceived by politicians who would offer them cash and food materials in order to trick them to vote for them.

Also, Olusegun Jawosimi, a youth activist and former Students’ Union Speaker at the University of Lagos, who was at the rally, posited that nobody in the country has a clean track record and has shown leadership quality like Sowore.

“Omoyele Sowore has a philosophy which we all share and believe in. We are telling the whole world to join us and support Omoyele Sowore come 2019. We need to tell everybody who is above 18 years that we are tired of this existing analog ideas and recycling of leaders since 1960,” he said.

Similarly, Segun Olawoye, lamented how few elites and politicians are looting resources belonging to the country to continually enrich themselves and their families.

Segun insisted that PVC gives the citizens the right and the power to control the ‘macro’ set of people that will rule the country.

He also dissuades the people from selling their votes, while urging them to unite to vote out the current crop of politicians from power.

He enjoined Lagosians to give room for vision-driven youths who would transform the country from the current state of decadence to a world-class nation. He said one of such persons is Sowore.

The rally, which lasted for about four hours, was put together by the Take Back Nigeria Movement, an organization which is poised and position to oust the corrupt and selfish politicians out of power and ensures every Nigerian get the best dividends of democracy.

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