The Communication Director of Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC) Mr. Elijah Friday, has attributed inability of the company to collect up to 50 percent of revenue for the electricity sold to its customers in the month of February 2018 to the twin evil of energy theft and vandalism.

According to him, the Distribution Company (DISCO), was only able to collect less than a billion naira out of the N4.5 billion worth of electricity it distributed in the month of February.

He also said over 100 transformers belonging to the company were damaged in two months.

“The vandals have destroyed too many transformers; they are making it difficult for us to cope,” he said.

He also blamed the erratic state of power supply to its customers on the amount of electricity sent to it by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

The inability of DISCOS to remit due payments to power producers is hampering the ability of the electricity generation companies to run their operations and pay for the supply of gas they used in generating electricity. 

The Association of Power Generating Companies (APGC), had earlier reported that the Nigerian Gas Processing and Transporting Company (NGPTC)-  a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC had sent them letters threatening to terminate gas supplies to them if payments are not made.

The associations of power producers, which produce 80% of the country’s on-grid energy, say the government has repeatedly defaulted in fulfilling the payment obligations it made to them through the N701 billion Payment Assurance Facility it signed with them in 2017.

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