Senator Jonah Jang, a former governor of Plateau State, says Nigeria’s minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, no longer stands for the truth, a situation he described as a departure from when the government’s spokesperson was in the trenches fighting the military for the restoration of democracy.   

Jang gave his verdict on the current disposition of the information minister in a statement he released on Wednesday to react to the inclusion of his name on the list of alleged looters released by the federal government through Lai Mohammed.

He said, “I know Lai Mohammed in our National Democratic Coalition days when we fought for the return of democratic rule to the country, putting an end to military dictatorship. I know him to always stand for the truth. Alas, I can finally say that he is not that same person these days.

“In Nigeria today, it would seem that once you join the APC, you become baptized into the order of lies, falsehood, deception, and propaganda. Nevertheless, Lai Mohammed must make amends by recanting the phantom allegations he made against my good person within a reasonable timeframe or face the consequence of his indiscretion in the foreseeable future."

The former governor denied claims that he stole N12.5bn while he was in power as alleged in the list of looters.

According to him, the list of looters is a testament to the desperation of APC to hold on to power.

He also noted that unlike for the others on the list, the source of N12.5bn he allegedly stole was not indicated.

“If their allegation is anything to go by, it falls short of the lowest standards of believability; otherwise, they would have noticed that the allegation of getting N12.5bn from an unknown source isn’t the same as looting the said amount,” Jang added. Jonah Jang  

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