I'm not a politician. I'm a journalist. I see my power coming through my writings. A political party is about ideology. The ideology of both parties is corruption. I don't like either party. APC is Satan, PDP is Lucifer. Membership of both parties has become political cross fertilization. Both parties have the same members. One should not belong to either party. Nigerians are looking for the best candidate not from APC or PDP but from new parties that will spring up for the 2019 presidential elections.

Nigerians want someone with qualifications to character and integrity. Someone new. Someone who is different from the old casts. Someone who will do the things that have never been done before to save Nigeria and Nigerians. Someone who will break all protocols. Someone who will reject the past and erect a wall to the past. The president and the legislators are lapdogs to their respective political parties instead of being watchdogs for the Nigerian people.

Politicians in the two parties have proved that there's no act of treachery or wickedness which they are not capable. In their own brand of politics, there's no honor. Neither political party is clean when it comes to corruption. Neither political party is accountable to the people apart from their party bosses. Both parties are the greatest enemies of our nation and people. It's bad news for democracy in Nigeria. Bayo Oluwasanmi

APC and PDP are in trouble, and they know. But they have no clue what to do. But the trouble runs much deeper. They don't even recognize that they have a problem as they stand on the brink of making that problem dangerously worse and palpably comedic by contesting the 2019 presidential elections. PDP – the Lucifer not long ago, confessed its sins for looting Nigeria and for impoverishing Nigerians for 16 years. APC – the Satan, is yet to reveal its self-autopsy and atone for its sins. It's too little and too late for both parties.

APC has three endemic problems: It's policies are unpopular. Its policies don't work. The APC led federal government hate everybody who does not agree with it games and scams. Its a party of incorrigible liars. The PDP wants to come back for another heist. Love or hate it, it's time to face this reality: APC Satan and PDP Lucifer are finished!

The two parties consist oligarchies and plutocrats that have proven to be the party of the rich and the powerful. The two parties develop a powerless peasant class to exploit as they please. With both parties, income inequality and economic policies that favor them are being accelerated and pursued with fervor. They have expanded the peasant class. They have entrenched oligarchy. They have turned Nigerians to beggars and Nigeria to a medieval empire of evil, disorder, lawlessness, and doom.

Both parties – Satan and Lucifer being the one and the same – don't worry or care for the rapid widening wealth disparity between the robber barons and the rest of us. Both parties favor oligarchy dominance over democracy. Both parties haunt and hurt Nigerians. They don't want an informed voter base. They want Nigerians who will listen to and believe whatever they tell them. As a nation and as a people, there's no better time to have an informed public especially the youths. The youths should be capable of reading events and coming to their own conclusions to make an informed choice in 2019.

As Americans say, the best offense is defense. The youths must take the bull by the horn. They must throw down the gauntlet. They must fight their oppressors and chase them out of corridors of power with their PVC. They must end being hewers of wood and drawers of water for the native tyrants. They should stop behaving and stop telling their oppressors “We are now in your hands. Do to us whatever seems good and right to you.” “Now we are at your mercy – do to us whatever you think is right.” I have good news for the youths: Do not be afraid of them; you have them in your hands. Not one of them can withstand your voting block at the polls. Your new consciousness and activism have thrown them into panic and confusion. The oppressors have reached the end of the road. There's no escape route for them.

As 2019 beckons on us, it boils down to one important watchword: Don't forget. This will serve as a reminder to you as you choose the next president. I want you to remember who these Brigade of Thieves and Native Tyrants are. I want you to remember the evils done to you, your family, your friends, and your country. I want you to remember how well you know them and the damages they have inflicted on you for 58 years and further harm they are capable of doing if you return them into office. I want you to remember to ask yourself: Are you better off today than you were three years ago? None of that will do you any good if you don't remember – don't forget!

One more thing: Live ahead of your oppressors. Live above your circumstances. Live deeper than your calamities. Live beyond your capabilities. And let's go there!

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