The Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) has referred to leaders in Nigeria as pretentious people who only care about matchmaking their children in marriage.

This was contained in a statement released by the party in Abuja, where the party condoled with Nigerians over a robbery in Offa, Kwara State, which led to the loss of about 30 lives.

According to the party, the government has failed in providing for the essential needs of the growing population of Nigeria. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party

The statement read "The total neglect of the development of our human capital by pretend leaders who are busier with personal social activities like matching their own children in marriages and reveling in the embezzled commonwealth; etc."

"The primary duty of government is security and welfare of citizens. The outgoing APC-Buhari administration has again scored another low, by failing to provide succor to the plights of our teeming populace or security to citizens."

Speaking on the offa massacre, ANRP described it as a senseless killing spree which the government allowed to happen due to years of misrule and misdirected priorities. 

The party said "The total breakdown in security all over the country caused in part by the privatization and commercialization of especially the Nigeria Police. An outmoded, inefficient, ineffective security architecture and the unwillingness of political class, the APC-Buhari administration in particular to fix it. The increasing collapse in societal values leading to desperation among misguided people to get rich quick by any and every means.

"ANRP describes the Offa Massacre as a tragic disaster and totally heartbreaking. The party insists that the armed robbery must be thoroughly investigated with all culprits (the robbers and their accomplices, as well as those responsible to have prevented or foiled the attack) immediately brought to book. The businesses that suffered loss must also be compensated."

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