The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has said that only 21 out of the 42 political parties with a presence in Ekiti State are eligible to take part in the July 14 gubernatorial poll.

Prof. Abduganiyu Raji, Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) in Ekiti State made this known at a stakeholders’ meeting in Ado Ekiti.

The Commissioner of Police in Ekiti state, chairmen of political parties, journalists, and a host of other stakeholders were in attendance at the meeting.

Prof. Abduganiyu said, “We were made to believe that there were 24 parties in Ekiti, but when I went around, I realized only 21 had full complements of structures that met the requirements of the laws.

“Some were even located in a corner shop where they sell biscuits. We even got another ten letters from other political parties of recent, but we advised them to do the needful.

“We have got 33 notifications for party congresses. But let me tell our parties to always root their correspondences to us through the office of our National Chairman, these are letters we recognize”.

Meanwhile, the REC has alleged that there are several threats to his life.

According to him, some elders in the state are threatening him because they believe the commission in the state is one sided.

“But they have forgotten that there are two sides to a coin, if you don’t want INEC to do some things, you too must be cautious. How could a party go and induced INEC staff? This is unacceptable.

“We will use over 10,000 youth corps members for this election, can we call of them saints? Some will misbehave but we have to use appropriate way to deal with them.

“Let me assure you this, I have told you that I will abide by the rules and I know my staff will Comply with my stand”, he said.

Speaking also at the meeting, the Commissioner of Police, Abdullahi Chafe, said he was going to convey a meeting to decide whether if pasting of posters would be allowed in the state during the period of the election.

Chafe said, “ICT deployment by INEC has really helped the electioneering process In Nigeria. It has reduced the Incidences of thuggery, ballot stuffing and snatching during elections.

“But this issue of posters is becoming too problematic. I am still going to hold a meeting with you where you will agree whether you will be using posters or handbills, so I can instruct my men to arrest and detain whoever breaches the regulation.”

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