The Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign if he cannot end the incessant killings going on in various parts of the country.

While making this demand in a press release by National Spokesman, Sesugh Akume on Thursday, the party also regretted that despite the claim of the President at the Commonwealth Business Forum in London that his administration had done well in the area of security, killings of Nigerians have continued in various parts of the country without abatement. 

The party pointed out that ‘from 20 to 25 April alone, over 100 citizens have been killed in armed violence in Zamfara, Borno, Benue, Kogi, Nasarawa and Kebbi states.

The party said, “In Benue alone, 19 persons were killed at a place of worship including 2 priests in Mbalom, in Gwer Local Government Area, another 39 persons were killed with 3 communities razed down in Guma Local Government Area just yesterday Wednesday 24 April, within a span of 48 hours. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party

“Soldiers of the Nigerian Army had last week sacked and razed down 300 houses in Naka, Gwer West Local Government Area.

“The increasing level of insecurity under the APC-Buhari administration gives the impression that human life in Nigeria is worth almost nothing. It is almost becoming the norm to expect to hear of killings across the country.

“The Presidency also seems to have a template for expressing condolences and promising to end the mayhem, which is altered and released after every new attack; that is when the killings and destructions are not entirely ignored. Mere condolences no longer suffice.”

ANRP also asked the President to implement the recommendations made by a committee headed by Baba Gana Kinginbe to him in December 2017 on how to reorganize the country's security and defense architecture which it confirmed has completely collapsed and needed to be reorganized and rebuilt from scratch.

“Further to this, the Party tasks the President to replace all the Service Chiefs and heads of the Nigeria Police Force, State Security Service, Nigeria Security, and Civil Defence Corps, as well as the Minister of Interior, with more competent, proactive and better-motivated hands. Victims should be compensated. Causes of violence should be investigated and resolved. All killers and other offenders should be apprehended and face the force of the law.” He continues.

The party noted that since the primary duty of Government is the security and welfare of citizens, the president should take it seriously and, ‘if President Muhammadu Buhari cannot or will not take the above-mentioned and other pragmatic steps in ending the killings across the country, he would have failed in upholding the oath of office he took. Then, he should therefore resign, or be impeached and removed.”

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