Churches in Nigeria under the umbrella of Christian Association of Nigeria on Sunday staged peaceful protests in various parts of the country over ongoing killings in various parts of the country.‎

The protest is in response to the directive of the president of the CAN, Olasupo Ayokunle.

The CAN President had in a statement earlier in the week pointed out that the church is demanding for the release of the Chibok girls and Leah Sharibu who are in custody of Boko Haram as well as end to bloodshed and killings by herdsmen and other insurgents, especially of Christians, in communities across the Northern part of the country. CAN declares national day of protest

Speaking on why the protest was necessary on Sunday, a pastor in charge of Fountain of Peace Baptist Church who was identified as John Akin Oyelade said : “Having exercised the very patience expected of a true believer by praying and looking forward to what any responsive government would do in this unpalatable situation against fellow mankind, it could be observed that we have given enough time for administrative exigencies and should our quietness be taken for a ride, then more than what Christians are known for may begin to unfold hence, this peaceful protest,”

“Nigeria is a secular state, and as such it should be treated as one, we condemn outrightly the lackadaisical, irresponsible and irresponsive attitude of this administration towards this menace.

“I must be true to you, to myself and to my God that the current administration of today does not possess any form of what the true heroes of past of this nation handed down, it also denies the spirit and the power of fair leadership and respect for human lives.

“The desire and passion to drive a purposeful leadership has over the years been passive and almost absolutely coyly demonstrated by this current administration.

"The political ground among us has been directly affiliated to a particular section of the country as seen in the various lopsided appointments in various government parastatals; thus, defying the interest of the remaining region and the Christians as declared in their various sworn oath”.

“To this end, there is a need for obeying the instructions and directives by the CAN leadership to stage this peaceful protest. In the face of the deplorable state of governance in Nigeria today, it has become imperative that we raise our voice against this barbaric and nepotic acts in a godly, peaceful, yet in a highly demanding manner.

“We have discovered that it is no more an accident neither is it a coincidence, but a programme and an agenda which may be presumed to have sponsors. CAN declares national day of protest

“It is essential to establish that the situation is becoming worrisome day by day. It is also worthy of note that up until this moment, no significant position has been taken by this government, despite the frantic efforts made by the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria, through her President. Unfortunately, all efforts to discuss with the government has yielded no result”.

According to reports, protests were also held in major churches across the country.

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