President Muhammadu Buhari’s personal assistant on new media, Bashir Ahmad got answers he might not have expected when he asked Nigerians to react to the second term ambition of his boss on twitter. 

The presidential aide had asked Nigerians their assessment of the Buhari administration so far in view of Buhari’s bid to return to power in 2019 for another four year tenure. 

But Nigerians who responded did not hold back in condemning Buhari's second term bid in spite of the various failures of his government. 

Mr. Ahmed had tweeted: “President @Mbuhari plans to seek a second term. What is your assessment of his administration so far?”‎  Bashir Ahmad

In response, a twitter user with the handle, @idkaay07 said; “I have never seen a desperate govt as this. Pay the whole media houses to paint Buhari white. They will still fail. All the billions spent on PR would have completed the road to my village and built schools and markets which ordinarily would give him all the votes in my community” 

Another user said the Buhati’s led government had not offered anything to the nation yet the president wants a second term. 

@Kem86596639  “[email protected] administration has offered absolutely nothing to d country. His administration lack integrity, accountability... His government has no focus. In his three years of leadership we have more mayhem than good. So lemme go...” 

@Engr_EyoHenry “ So this mumu @BashirAhmaad is still here?If you don't know we'll help you.We need improvement in governance and that means bye bye to buhari” 

@Goyo04 “He had lost the last of his real s11upporters when he didn't do anything about #benuekillings baba @MBuhari change your kitchen cabin asap, if you want hope”. 

A user by the name Joshua The Great gave a performance assessment of the Buhari’s government, marking every sector below 50%. 

@JoshuaTheGrea16 “Performance assessment so far of PMB/PYO: Power: 38% Security: 20% Agriculture: 65% Education: 36% Health: 34% Job: 30% Sport: 45% others: 36% Total percentage: 42%. Advice to withdraw”  

@okikedan “Zero achievement in 3 yrs.... Shame! We will disgrace @MBuhari at the poll come February.... Don't forget my words.... From a #LazyNigerianYouth” 

@8e6bbf9d7b014d4  “I voted him in 2015 but in 2019 I will vote him out”

@priestines “Total failure. If there is another word to qualify failure that is what he is. Stop selling to Nigerians bad and expired product. It is not marketable”. 

@kmrs400 “I am totally ashame of you guys tht is working under this @OfficialAPCNg govt. When a big organisations frm the international community rates your govt & President as the worst you will come out to refute the report but when one foreign drunkard say good thing you copy & paste”.

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