Bola Tinubu, National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has blamed the shortcomings of the party’s congresses across the country on the “singular pursuit of self-interests” by some individuals in the party.

However, he said the culprits “are not evil people” and expressed hopes that they would “repair their behaviour”.

In an advertorial on Saturday, titled ‘APC congresses: Why We Are Here’, he said the party had to hold the congresses to remain true to its name and principles

“These are not evil people. But a blindness occasioned by their singular pursuit of self-interests caused them to seek to divert the party and its democratic ways,” he said.

“They tried to scuttle congresses and to anoint themselves that they might retain their various positions beyond the agreed term. They sought to do this without recourse to the will of party members who first voted them into their positions.”

He praised President Muhammadu Buhari for insisting on the congresses, saying the topic sparked a great debate within the party that was greater than whether a few people should retain their offices.

“This debate would determine the fate of the party; it was for the soul of the APC itself. For a time, it seemed the undemocratic forces appeared ascendant. Yet, providence would come to our relief,” he said.

“President Muhammadu Buhari refused to take the easy road and instead chose the democratic and right one. He turned the tide from wrong to right by declaring his belief that the party should hold congresses and primaries in order to be true to its creed and democratic nature.

“Wherever there were problems, it was not between two sides who believed in and honored democratic principles. The problems came from those who sought to pollute the exercise by either strong or surreptitious imposition."

Tinubu continued: “It is our desire that all party members be in good standing and remain in respectful and cordial understanding with each other as well as with the democratic mission of our party.

“We all are human. To live is to err. But to forgive and reconcile is of a higher purpose. Many things can be reconciled in this life.

“Everyone cannot be satisfied by the outcome but we all must respect the fairness of the process. This is the manner of democracy.”


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