Students who attended the May edition of the Civic Media Lab's monthly workshop on investigative journalism have spoken of how they are now better prepared for the challenges of rigorous journalism.

The students, culled from various disciplines and institutions, were trained on the intricacies of Investigative journalism and it's importance to societal development. Also, they were motivated to create a portfolio for themselves as students, to create a future leverage for their respective careers.

At the end, they expressed their delight at participating in the training, saying they had become motivated to embark on investigative reporting.

"I learnt to always look beyond the surface and be able to dig deeper into issues to find convergence and divergence," Tijani Oluwatosin, a Political Science student at the University of Lagos, said..

Tony Ola from the Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos, described it as an eye opener, saying he would love to make an impact with what he had learnt.

“I have been exposed to the fact that one does not necessarily have to be a journalist to tell stories about things that affect us. Within my small space, I can now tell my story and hope to push for a better society," he said.

Oluwaseun Aleshinloye, a student from the Mass Communication department, also from UNILAG, said it was worth the while.

“With the pre knowledge I have had of journalism and this new training, I think I am in a good position to be able to generate story ideas, carry out thorough and investigation and write a good story," he said.

Generally, the students were happy with the training and they promised to do their own stories based on what they had learnt.

The Civic Media Lab holds monthly training sessions on investigative journalism for students as part of its mandate to train over 2,000 citizen journalists.

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