Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has taken to Twitter to weigh in on President Muhammadu Buhari’s insinuation that Olusegun Obasanjo, former President, wasted $16 billion on power with nothing to show for it.

He also censure Buhari for praising Abacha as a man who helped improve infrastructure, regardless of what anyone thinks about him.

While receiving the Buhari Support Organization (BSO) led by the Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), Ahmeed Ali, on Tuesday, Buhari had declared that former President Olusegun Obasanjo has questions to answer over the spending of $16 billion on power project during his administration.

Obasanjo has since offered a punchy reaction, referring Buhari to his book ‘My Watch’ and previous probes by the ICPC and EFCC.

Describing Buhari as an “ungrateful ignoramus”, Omokri tweeted on Wednesday: “Buhari is an ungrateful ignoramus for saying he is paying Obasanjo’s debt. Obasanjo did not spend $16 billion on power. 

“Obasanjo actually paid ALL our foreign debt and left a total reserve of $67 billion. It’s Buhari who has borrowed more in 3 years than PDP borrowed in 16 years.”

Speaking on Abacha on Tuesday, Buhari had also said: “No matter what opinion you have about Abacha, I agreed to work with him and the PTF road we did from here to Port Harcourt, to Onitsha, to Benin and so on... On top of other things in the institution, education, medical care and so on.”

Picking on that, Omokri mocked Buhari‘s anti-corruption war, asking: “What type of anti-corruption crusader chooses Abacha, a proven thief, who was also a blood thirsty buffoon, as his mentor?

“When I schooled in England, my university had a module on Abacha’s thievery. This is the man Buhari aspires to be? The man who exiled Tinubu and NADECO!”

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