Ayodele Akinnibosun, one of the leaders of the gang that robbed a number of banks in Offa, Kwara State, in April was paraded by the Police before the media on Sunday. The gang leader, better known as AY, had an exchange with the media on exactly what role Senate President Bukola Saraki has played in the existence of the gang.


Journalist: Can we meet you?

AY: My name is Ayodele Akinnibosun aka AY. I am the chairman of Liberation Youths movement Kwara South. My involvement with the senate president is that we are his boys,we work for him at Kwara south we are the one that hold Kwara south for him, we have three senatorial district in Kwara state we have Kwara south, Kwara North, Kwara central. There are some people in Kwara North there are some people in Kwara south and there are some people in Kwara central too.

Journalist: For how long have you been working for him?

AY: We have been working for at about when we he was in PDP it has been long,

Journalist: can you at least be specific?

AY: when he was the Governor of Kwara state.

Journalist: When you say you work for him what is the nature of the work that you do for him?

AY: We mobilize and we are the ones that do political arrangement for him

Journalist: Describe it

AY: For example where we can’t win we make dabaru arrangement there

Journalist:  Be specific, what the police PRO said has to do with Robbery and that is weighty, you are explaining now is light. Just say it the way you said it in your statement.

AY: We scatter elections if we don’t win

Journalists: What is the connection of the senate president with you and the robbery?

AY:  The connection between me and the senate president is, he is the one that is arraigning everything for us. For example, this car was given to me by his Excellency through the chief of staff as a gift from the leader Bukola Saraki

Journalists: Who is his Excellency?

AY:  Governor Fatai Ahmed  

Journalists: Please what has Offa robbery got to do with your story? Did you participate in Offa robbery?

AY: Yes, I participated in the Offa robbery. I took this Lexus car along to offa.

Journalists: Did the Senate President and the Governor Encourage you to be killing and stealing from Kwara People?

AY: The Senate president and the Governor of kwara state, we have been their political thug so that was what encouraged us to do what we are doing

Journalists: How did you get your weapons?

AY: It was through this one ex retired/dismissed police, Micheal Adiku, he was the one that comes with ammunitions.

Journalists: The robber on that day can you describe how it occurred

AY: That faithful day it was me and this man sitiing beside me here, Adex, Stand well well and Niyi it was the 5 of us I came to join them at ajase then we took off with a Mercedes benz then we took off to Offa with another Mercedes benz, that Mercedes benz belongs to me. So we now took the Mercedes benz down to offa on getting there I now positioned everybody, me I stood at that Junction, that total, there is a total filling station there. On getting to that filling station, we now met that Micheal, that dismissed police officer we now met the micheal there. On getting to meet micheal, Micheal came down from one Audi, there was a Nissan parked in front of us he now came out of that audi and throwed  his hands we now saw him, we now parked at the back of that Nissan, he came out and brought guns (five AK47) out of the Nissan and gave it to us, then I shared it between the five of us inside our benz

Journalists: Is the state Governor or Saraki Aware of the robbery before you go for it, Did they send you?

AY: They did not send us for the robbery but because we are their political thugs that was what led us to that.

Journalists: You have access to governor and senate president. There’s nothing you need that they won’t give you. Why did you have to engage in robbery with all these opportunities?

AY: It is the work of the devil sir

Journalists: Who gave you the two guns for the political thuggry

AY: It is the chief of staff to Kwara state Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed

Journalists: What is the name of the chief of staff?

AY: Abdulwahab

Journalists: Was the chief of staff aware that you were planning for the robbery and after the robbery did you inform him?

AY: He was not aware of it sir

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