Two days after branding him “childish” for claiming that President Muhammadu Buhari wants to hang a crime on him, Festus Keyamo, spokesman of Buhari’s 2019 campaign, has again criticized Olusegun Obasanjo, former President.

After Obasanjo claimed the President was perfecting plans on how to curtail his personal liberties and hang a crime on him, Keyamo responded by saying Obasanjo was desperate to deflect attention away from criticism of his failure to declare June 12 Democracy Day throughout his eight years in power.

“OBJ’s outcry is for two reasons: 1. To attract unearned sympathy to himself in order to deflect the damage d immortalisation of June 12 has done to his image as d main antagonist of Abiola’s mandate & 2. to dampen d accolades going d way of PMB over d issue. It’s childish prank,” Keyamo had tweeted.

The lawyer has now followed this up by telling Obasanjo to accept that the days are over when the retired military general would “just sit down in a room and decide who would be the next President”.

“Gone are the days when some military Generals will just sit down in a room and decide who would be the next President of Nig. There’s no political Mecca in any Hilltop Mansion or Farm again. They cannot still deal with that fact. The political Mecca is now on the streets of Nig,” Keyamo tweeted on Sunday.

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