Fatima and Maryam, the conjoined twins born to Mohammed Ramat and his wife Kellu Adam have been discharged from hospital and are back in Maiduguri.

Born six months ago through a cesarean operation at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, the conjoined twins on the 14th May 2018 underwent a success separation at the Federal Medical Centre Yola having spent more than two month at the hospital.

The lead surgeon for the operation who is also the Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre Yola, Prof. Auwal Mohammed Abubakar said the hospital sees no need of keeping the babies longer because they are doing well since after the operation.

According to Prof. Auwal, the babies stand no medical risks growing up, adding that, “they are developing fast as any normal baby without any complication.

Asked on the cost of the operation, the Medical Director said, “we decided to wave all the cost for the operation and everything has been done free because the parents of the children wouldn’t be able to pay for the huge cost which will run into millions of naira. I wrote everything off and carried out the operation and thank God everything was smooth without any complications,” Prof. Auwal informed.

The Medical Director also commended his team of professionals for their commitment which ensured the success of the surgery, just as he also lauded the contribution of Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Maiduguri and Adamawa- German Medical Centre, Yola which assisted for two separate CT scans that were conducted on the twins.

He called on NGOs and well-meaning Nigerians in Maiduguri and other parts of the country to come to the aid of the low-income family in raising the children.

For the mother of the twins, Kellu Adam, it was a mixed feeling leaving the hospital but with a lot of gratitude to God and Prof. Auwal, his team and the management of Federal Medical Centre Yola and all those that have contributed positively to the successful separation of her babies.

Kellu told our reporter in Yola that, “I am happy that my children have been successfully separated and are still alive healthy. I thank Almighty God for making this possible. I also thank everyone who played a role for the success of this journey so far. My gratitude goes to Prof. Auwal who gave us hope when we thought there was none. His character has demonstrated that there are still good people in this our country. I thank the staff of Federal Medical Centre Yola and everyone I cannot mention.

“I want to call on all to continue to pray for my children to get a better future. My fear is how to take care of these babies and give them a better education because I want them to be medical doctors when they grow up. I am calling on good people to come to my aid because I cant do it alone. I don’t have a job at the moment and its going to be difficult for me,” Kellu said.

Our correspondent gathered that, Kellu and her babies were discharged last week Saturday and the Management of FMCY arranged for their transportation back to Maiduguri with an ambulance and a nurse attached with them just to ensure the safety of the babies as they travel back to Maiduguri, the same way they were brought to Yola more than two months ago.

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