Olisa Agbakogba, former National President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), has announced that his Nigerian Intervention Movement (NIM) has joined the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN).

Mr. Agbakoba made this known while speaking to NAN in Lagos on Wednesday. He said that the decision to join forces with ANN and contest the 2019 elections was because both sides share the same vision and ideology to build a better Nigeria.

Alliance for New Nigeria was launched earlier this year and Mr. Fela Durotoye joined the party in February.

“It is trite to state that the majority of Nigerians have been overwhelmed by the extant quality of politics going on in our dear country as manifested by self-serving politicsl," Agbakoba said.

"For us in NIM, the whole essence of political leadership and government is the welfare and wellbeing of the citizenry. Therefore, there is need to restore hope to this country. The NIM was formed on 28th November 2017 by a new breed leaders of conscience towards breathing a new life of constitutional democracy and good governance trajectory that will engender a new Nigeria that works for all of us.

“Therefore, having come to the reasoned conclusion that political parties are pillars for nurturing popular democracy and nurturing good governance and that political parties that have superintended over the affairs of the country have failed. And given the timeline of the general elections, it was our resolve to adopt a fresh and untainted political party with elemental potential of delivering dividends of democracy towards realizing a new Nigeria of our dream.”

Agbakoba said that ANN was chosen after NIM had sampled about 17 other parties that shared its vision. He also encouraged people to join the party so as to give Nigerians a better alternative in 2019.

He also urged citizens to obtain their PVCs, as it is the instrument with which they can elect their preferred leaders.

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