An unidentified Nigerian has allegedly taken advantage of the Russia 2018 World Cup to illegally gain entry into Finland.

According to a Finnish border guard, who spoke with Reuters, the global showpiece currently taking place in Russia has seen footballl fans use their World Cup identity documents to migrate into Finland, a neighbouring country with Russia. 

Russia granted visa-free entry to match ticket holders. Finland is among the European Union’s Schengen zone, which consists of 19 nations. These nations' borders can be crossed easily without any travel documents.

Marko Saareks, Head of Risk and Analysis at Finland’s border guard, told Reuters that they “had been prepared for this as we (knew) that one can enter Russia without a visa".

However, he expressed surprise that “it started right at the beginning of the tournament".

According to Sarreks, the unidentified Nigerian migrated into Finland on Friday with the sue of a fake Brazilian passport. Sarreks added that on Sunday, three Moroccan men did the same thing. 

Ville Mihl, the border guard’s Head Investigator, was quoted as saying “they had walked perhaps for 12 hours and managed to cross the territorial border". 

Also, a Chinese man came into Helsinki, capital of Finland, from Russia with just World Cup fan identity documents, the Finnish border officials said. They added that five individuals were under investigation.

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