Ayodele Fayose, Governor of Ekiti State, has branded President Muhammadu Buhari a blame-game specialist, following his outcry on the National Assembly’s alterations to the 2018 budget.

In a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti on Thursday by Lere Olayinka, his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Fayose chided the President for failing to get the legislature to pass “ordinary budget” for more than six onths.

He said Buhari’s trend of blaming his predecessors dates back to his time as a Military Head of State when he blamed former President Shehu Shagari for so many things.

“As a military Head of State, he blamed former President Shehu Shagari’s government. Since he assumed office, he has been blaming his predecessor,” Fayose said.

“And now that he can’t get ordinary budget passed by the National Assembly for over six months, he is blaming the legislative arm. When is he going to be man enough to stop his blame game?”

Speaking on the controversies surrounding the just-passed budget, Fayose reminded the President of the 2016 ruling of Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Federal High Court, Abuja which declared that the National Assembly has the power to alter the budget. 

He accused Buhari of trying to use the National Assembly as scapegoat for his failure, an action he described as a “disservice to the principle of separation of powers, checks and balances”.

“The budgets that the National Assembly passed in 2016 and 2017, what did he do with them? What impact did the budgets make on the lives of Nigerians?

“Why can’t the President just go ahead and implement what the National Assembly appropriated and present supplementary budget later instead of trying to label the legislative arm as the reasons for his government’s failure?

“The masses want the president to create jobs and make life more abundant for them.

“As at today, everything is wrong with Nigeria under President Buhari. The country is not secured as armed bandits and killer herdsmen have taken over everywhere. Nigerians are no longer free to move even within a State not to talk of from one State to another.

“Therefore, he should stop the blame game and get serious with governance so that Nigerians can at least attach one major achievement to his tenure as President.

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