Mr. Hyginus Umeje, Sectional Commander, Lagos State Federal Road Safety Corps, says most of the trucks plying the roads are not road-worthy.

Umeje said this while addressing newsmen at the scene of the fuel tanker explosion at Otedola Bridge along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway on Thursday.

"Accidents on our roads are caused mostly because most of the vehicles on the road are not worthy to be the road. Most of these trucks have been in use since the 1980s and they are old," he said.

"You will see them with bad tires, smoking exhaust and they will be in really bad shape. This road is a slope then a climb. I want to tell you that it is either the engine does not have enough power to climb after the slope or the brakes were bad. All these points to the fact that these trucks are old and they need to be changed.”

He also blamed the attitude of drivers on the road, saying: “Most of our drivers are impatient. When I got here yesterday, I saw that the cars had formed three lanes instead of the two lanes meant for the road.

"These enabled the fire to affect more cars. Also, we need to get rid of our bumper-to-bumper attitude. Nobody wants to wait for the other person. We need to be cautious.”

He then urged motorists to be careful and vigilant while driving to avoid tragedies.

In a similar development, Director-General, Search and Rescue, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Air Commander Akugbe Iyamu, assured the public of the agency’s readiness to intervene in times of disaster, saying: "We will continue to intervene in disaster management like we have been doing. We will also liase with the police, LASENA, Fire Fighters, and the Road Safety. It is clear that impatience caused this accident to get to this level.”

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