Peter Azi, the impeached Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, says he has no regrets over his removal

Azi, representing Jos North-East Constituency in the House, was unanimously removed by his colleagues on Wednesday, and was promptly replaced with Joshua Madaki from Jos East Constituency.
But speaking with NAN afterwards, Azi said he now felt a sense of relief, describing his removal as “part of legislative dynamism” that shapes democracy.

“As we speak, I don’t have any regrets over my removal as Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly” he said.

“To me, the removal is just a part of the legislative dynamism, which I should gladly accept as it helps in shaping our democracy.

“In fact, I now feel relieved because now I have time to parley with people in my own constituency, because, then, as the Speaker, I took the entire state as my constituency.

“I am happy that my colleagues did not pin-point any area of fault in my leadership, but only claimed they just needed a change of leadership.”

Asked if his impeachment was because he was a stumbling block to the plans of the House to target Governor Simon Lalong, Azi responded: “Well, if that was the problem, they didn’t say so.

“It is the same people that elected Lalong as Governor who also elected members to the House, so I see no reason why they may want to get at him.

“I don’t think anyone would want to plunge the state into any crisis. We are all trying to support the democratic system for due process to thrive for the sake of the peace of the state.

“If they have anything against the Governor, why won’t they seek amicable means of relaying it to him, [rather] than go after him? All we want is peace on the Plateau, not rancor.”

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