Some aggrieved repentant militants on Monday shut down activities at the Governor's office in Ondo State over the state government's faliure to pay their amnesty stipends, SaharaReporters has learnt. 

The former militants, who are under the 'Forest Boys' group, said they were part of thousands of ex-militants who dropped their arms in November 2017 to embrace the Amnesty Programme. 

They accused the state government of deceiving them into handing over their arms and ammunition in order to embrace the Amnesty Programme of the Federal Government, and vowed to make the state ungovernable unless their demands are met. 

The protesting ex-militants blocked the gates that lead to the Alagbaka Governor's office in Akure before forcing their way into the premises with their vehicles. They paralyzed human and vehicular activities both inside and outside the Government Office for close to six hours, chanting anti-government songs. 

Carrying placards bearing different and unprintable inscriptions, the ex-militants threathened to return to the creeks should the government refuse to pay their amnesty fund.

General Osi, a leader of the former militants, said they decided to storm the Governor's office unawares after the government failed to fulfill all its promises concerning the Amnesty.

He slated the goverment for its insincerity with the ex-militants who were deceived into submitting their guns to embrace the amnesty programme of the Federal Government.

"You can see us; we are protesting today at the office of the Governor because the government of Ondo State refused to fulfil all its promises about the amnesty after collecting our guns and ammunition," he said.

"Around November 2017, they came to the creeks and begged all of us to submit our arms; they said we should embrace the Amnesty Programme.

"We did as instructed and they also promised to be paying us stipend or entitlements on monthly basis but they failed to fulfill this promise. The government refused to honour all the agreement reached with us, including releasing all our members that were detained by the police. 

"The last time we were here, we met with the Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi, and he promised that all our demands would be met but till now we have not heard anything. What is even annoying most is that he does not even pick up our calls any more, and we are ready to make this state ungovernable for them."

Jimoh Dojumo, the Special Adviser to Ondo State Governor on Security Matters, who met with the ex-militants, said the goverment would look into their grievances. 


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