The Benue State House of Assembly has impeached the Speaker of the house, Terkibir Ikyange; his deputy, Mrs James Okefe and the Majority Leader of the House, Benjamin Adanyi, for alleged abuse of office and high-handedness.

Twenty-two lawmakers out of 35 members of the house voted for the impeachment of the principal officers, while Titus Ubwa was elected as the new Speaker.

Johnson Egli Ahubi (Otukpo/Akpa) was elected Deputy Speaker, while Avine Agbum (Makurdi South) was elected Majority Leader.

Mr. Richard Ujege, Konshisha State Constituency, moved the motion for the impeachment, which was seconded by Mr. Anthony Ogbu (Ado Constituency)

The new Speaker said the old leaders were impeached because of their high-headedness.

"The eighth Assembly of the Benue state is a house that has come to do what the people have elected them to do and once they notice that there is anything that would tarnish the image of the 8th Assembly, the house will rise to that challenge and that is what the house has done just today," he said.

The house had on July 10 adjourned plenary to August 15, 2018, but on Tuesday, 22 members of the house staged an emergency meeting and impeached the leaders of the house.

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