Political defections are common in a multiparty democracy. But the frequent defections by APC and PDP members has reached the insanity stage.

There are two kinds of defections. Defections based on genuine and conscientious ideological differences or considerations of public interest for the general good of the people. Defections prompted by narrow consideration of personal or factional greed or gain and encouraged by appealing to basic instincts of man. This is the type of defections going on with APC and PDP members. It’s the defection of this kind which ignites revolution against defectors in all right thinking people. 

This kind of defection is unprincipled driven by corruption and a means to escape justice from crimes committed. 

Wole Soyinka’s Madmen And Specialists presents a stark confrontation between good and evil forces. Good is considered creative, beneficent, and humane. Evil is destructive, sadistic, and reductionist. The defections with these shameless and incorrigible APC and PDP members certified them as madnen without specialists. They are evil, destructive, sadistic, and dangerous. They are what Soyinka describes in Madmen And Specialists as “the serviceable vultures.”

It’s not unusual for politicians to change party affiliations. It happens all the time all over the world. But, what’s unusual in civilized democracies is that it’s not frequent for politicians already elected on the ticket of one party to the legislature to defect to another party during the term of the assembly. 

The nation and people pay a very heavy price for the politics of defection. The frequent and endless defections and counter defections by members of the two major parties devalue and deface our democracy. With their constant defections, the government is distracted, immobilized, and rendered impotent from solving the nation’s problems. The government finds it difficult to implement public policies and programs with consistency and interest. Defections also contributes to the general lawlessness in the country and may result in anarchy. 

The APC and PDP defectors live by abstract rules. Their impoverished imaginations stems from disabled intellect, and continues to haunt and hurt their resolve and decision making to govern like skillful legislators. Time and time again, these defectors return to their foolishness in their embarrassing maturity. It’s an advertised foolery from madmen without specialists. The characters of the defectors reflect the amount of weeding that was done during their growing up season. They are enemies of our nation and people.

Throughout history, politics have been left to the few to conduct the business on behalf of the people. It’s the expectation of the governed that the politicians would fight on their behalf for their interest at all times. But the opposite is true with the defectors.

There’s hope come 2019. With a new government and a new President, Omoyele Sowore, a new Constitution will be fashioned. In the new People’s Constitution, frequent defection will be a crime. A provision in the Constitution will prohibit law makers from defecting to another party during the term of the National Assembly. Should any legislator defect during his or her term, they would be disqualified and by-elections held to the seats they are about to vacate. This is one of the ways we’ll take the country back.

So, let’s go there!

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