Bolaji Abdullahi, former National Publicity Secretary of the All Progress Congress (APC), has resigned his position as Chairman, Governing Board, of the Nigeria Sugar Development Council (NSDC).

Abdullahi resigned on Friday, following his resignation from the APC on Wednesday.

Making the confirmation on Twitter, he wrote: “Following my resignation as National Publicity Secretary of APC and my decision to quit the party, I announced to the board this morning that I have resigned my appointment as Chairman, Nigeria Sugar Development Council.”

Abdullahi got the appointment in December 2017 when President Muhammadu Buhari approved the constitution of the Governing Boards of Agencies and Parastatals, under some Ministries, as well as the appointment of “eminently qualified Nigerians to fill the Board positions, numbering 209 Chairmen and 1,258 members”.

When the board was inaugurated in March 2018, he praised Buhari for giving APC members a sense of belonging in government.

“We want to express the appreciation of all the chairmen and members of the board to President Buhari, who has made everyone very proud today,” he had said.

“For close to three years, wherever I have gone, I see party members sneaking around almost ashamed to call themselves members of the APC because the people we fought so hard to remove from power, many of them are still sitting pretty in their positions and many members who worked hard for the party are still hanging around and didn’t have a sense of belonging. See Also Breaking News BREAKING: It's Official. Bolaji Abdullahi Resigns From APC

“You can look around the room today and see amazing ladies and gentlemen with rich pedigree and experience. When I was in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), when you call this kind of inauguration in the past, I know the calibre of people that would grace it. But look around you today, we have senators, former governors and former ministers with rich pedigree, experience and competences. That is in line with the commitment and the ideology of our party.”

Abdullahi left APC on Wednesday, saying his “personal stake in the issue of Kwara makes it incongruous” for him to continue to sit as part of the working committee of the party. 

He complained that he had recently had to endure the “flagrant usurpation” of his role as the spokesman of the party in a manner that he considered “unbefitting of a ruling party and inconsistent with my ethical standards”.  

He added that in a situation whereby his loyalty was constantly brought into question, his subordinates deployed to subvert his office, and his views constantly second-guessed on the basis of his political affiliation, it became imperative for him to review his position.


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