Rafiu Ibrahim, the senator representing Kwara South at the National Assembly, says the Department of State Services (DSS) officials who blocked the National Assembly gates and wanted to shoot some lawmakers admitted to be working based on “an order from above”.

He mentioned that the DSS were violent and ready to shoot. He also said that mobile phones of some people in the premises were seized.

He also inquired to know on whose order the DSS are working having claimed to be acting on an order from above.

“They told us that we cannot get into our office and that they have order from above, so we want to know if it is the Commander-in-Chief that gave them the order or their DG.

“We can identify them they are DSS and they are masked, so they are ready to even shoot, they were about to shoot one of us we just had to retract.

“We are just waiting for our colleagues then all of us in number will address them. We want to see if they will still stop us; we want to ask them what they want to do inside the National Assembly today, why they are here and blocking the way, not protecting us but making sure that we are unable to access our office.”

The Senator had previously taken to his personal Twitter handle to comment on the issue.

“I was just barred by fully armed, masked officers of the DSS from entering the National Assembly @nassnigeria,” he had tweeted. 

“’We’re acting on the order from above,’ I was told by officers laying siege to the Assembly. All entrances BLOCKED. Democracy is on siege! @UN #SaveOurDemocracy.”

Further narrating this morning incident in a video attached to the tweet, Rafiu said.

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