Students of the College of Education Ilorin, Kwara State, who embarked on a protest in solidarity with their lecturers, have been dispersed with tear gas.

Lecturers of the institution did not turn up for the examination today, as their salaries have not been paid.

When the students arrived at the school gate on Monday morning for their examinations, the classrooms were empty.

The students, thereafter, forced the main gate of the school open, and embarked on a protest march to the Government House.

However, a short distance from the Government House, along Unity Road, policemen fired tear gas to disperse the students.

The students were seen running away from the policemen, as smoke engulfed the area.

Police Public Relations Officer, Ajayi Okasanmi, however, told Channels Television, that tear gas had to be used to disperse the sudents, because they "became uncontrollable and damaged some properties".

Continuing, Okasanmi stated: “They are fighting for their teachers. As far as we are concerned, the teachers are capable of fighting for themselves.

"This morning, the students came out; not only that, they started disturbing and destroying properties of innocent persons. They became uncontrollable. When we discovered they had damaged so many vehicles, we had to forcefully disperse them. We also didn’t want hoodlums to hijack the protest."

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