Never in the history of Nigerian politics has a ruling party (APC) rarely been so unpopular. APC and PDP seem like permanent fixtures in our political landscape, and it looks like both may disappear anytime soon.

Nigerians had waited feverishly for months for the birth of a new party under which the convener of  Takeitback Movement Omoyele Sowore will run for president. It was a big relief Wednesday when Sowore unveiled the Africa Action Congress party at the party’s secretariat in Abuja and declared he’s running for president.

It is an understatement that both APC and PDP have become redundant, irrelevant, and more importantly, enemies of the Nigerian people. Crisis and chaos have literally set both parties ablaze which makes necessary that a progressive party like AAC must emerge to fill the void.

Nigeria is at war. And when a nation is at war, you don’t need a spectator and absentee president, you need a gladiator. We need a different kind of party and a reformist leader. The party in power (APC) and President Muhammadu Buhari are not working for the people. Indeed, they have proved beyond any reasonable doubt, that they are number one enemies of Nigerians. The party and its leadership trade our heart for our soul.

AAC will transform Nigerian democracy like we have never seen before. Sowore, publisher of the online newspaper SaharaReporters, through his town hall meetings, has proven that AAC campaign represents authentic progressive crusade for economic and social justice. Sowore is aggressive, forthright, tactical, and determined to take Nigeria back from the thieves.

As a party of humanity, AAC will provide a progressive agenda that will help the poor, the abandoned youths, and our forgotten senior citizens. AAC provides the challenge and choice for voters to think seriously about their rights and their future. AAC represents a critical prelude to the New Deal that will be fashioned in 2019 once it assumes power.

The party brings into the political contest initiatives that will lead to important changes that will redefine the meaning and practice of government in Nigeria. Sowore’s credentials as an indefatigable activist, muckraker per excellence, avowed enemy of social injustice and corruption, and unrelent fighter for economic equality, capture popular imagination of the people. He’s a teacher, executive, and spokesman for the poor. As a reformed thinker, with AAC, he’ll remake Nigeria’s democracy.

AAC SPICER-Heat acronym for progressive agenda redefines it’s collective mission. The party is going to be radically different from other parties because it stands for pure democracy purged of impure influence of the corrupt people. AAC leadership believes that a president is the steward of the public welfare embedded in non-negotiable social contract that gives meaning to the expression of Nigerians aspirations for socioeconomic liberation and freedom from all forms of oppression and tyranny.

AAC will be different from other parties because it will pursue progressive democracy that’s radical, that represents a sui generis of political reforms based on radicalism- one concerned to rescue Nigerians from the blind attachment to their oppressors. The party will give useful insight into the future of Nigerian politics by exposing and expunging all the ancient evils plaguing Nigeria for 58 years.

As we headed into the 2019 presidential elections, I find it instructive as well as inspiring to remind Nigerian voters Theodore Roosevelt’s campaign address in 1912 at Carnegie Hall: “In order to succeed we need leaders of inspired idealism, leaders of whom are granted great visions, who dream greatly and strive to make their dreams come true; who can kindle the people with the fire from their burning souls... The cause shall not fail, for it is the cause of mankind. For our time, leader is Omoyele Sowore. And our cause is cause is of mankind. So, let’s go there!


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