Magistrate Chukwuemeka Nweke has threatened to strike out the case against Jones Abiri, following the absence of the main counsel to the Department of State Services (DSS) at the court proceedings today.

Another DSS lawyer at the court on Thursday asked for an adjournment because the main lawyer handling the case was unavailable.

“It (the case) will not be able to go on because the substantive lawyer handling the case is indisposed and he communicated that to me only yesterday,” M.D. Tanko, the counsel, said.

Abiri, who had been in detention since 2016, was scheduled for a court hearing today.

He was accused of bombing oil pipelines, planning attacks in Abuja and threatening international oil companies.

In his ruling, Nweke, the magistrate, said the case would be struck out if proof of evidence is not served by Friday.

“The reasons advanced by the prosecution are not compelling. This court is not a holding cell. I am surprised that the proof of evidence have not been served (on the defendant),” Nweke stated.

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