Ettu I. Mohammed, who has declared his intention to contest as a member of the House of Representatives for Mushin II Federal Constituency at the forthcoming elections in 2019, has criticised lawmakers who induce the electorate with food items.

Mohammed, who is contesting under the platform of the Abundant Nigerian Renewal Party (ANRP), said the current representatives of the constituency have not been accountable to the people. He said they deprive the people of quality representation and instead share food items to them.

“Those we have sent to the federal legislative houses will return to you, not to give an account of their stewardship but to try and induce you with boxes of noodles, mini bags of rice and a couple of onions. Is that why we sent them to Abuja? Are those our dividends of democracy?” he asked.

Assuring the people of quality representation, Mohammed said it was high time serious-minded individuals were trusted with public offices, and promised that he would promote legislations that would positively affect the constituents.

He also urged the people to stop voting for those who will continue to enrich themselves at their expense.

He said: “We are tired of those that buy the latest vehicles for themselves, their spouses and children, while we, the electorate, make do with motorcycles and tricycles. The nonsense must stop. Enough is enough.

“We, the people, must collectively declare war on bad governance, insincere leadership and official corruption. The first step in this war is to throw up sincere, incorruptible, principled, God-fearing, educated and enlightened men and women to represent us at all levels.”

He stated that if elected, he would play politics of ideas and champion issues relevant to his constituents.

Mushin II constituency, which comprises Mushin/Atewolara, Papa Ajao, Ilasamaja, Babalosa/Idi Araba, Itire and Idi-Araba, is currently represented by Honourable Bolaji Ayinla.

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