The Police in Borno State have arrested a notorious Boko Haram insurgent inside the Bakassi IDP camp in the state.

According to Borno State Police Commissioner, Damien Chukwu, who disclosed this while addressing newsmen in Maiduguri ahead of Sallah celebrations, the officers arrested the insurgent after receiving a tip-off from the civilian JTF. 

"On Sunday night, we were alerted by working CJTF in Bakassi IDP camp about, a notorious member of insurgents with Bana Modu, 45, who had participated several attacks, including overrunning Gomboru Ngala and others.

"He confessed that he belongs to the group. As I am speaking with you, he is helping us in our investigation. I believe that at the end we will get another member of the group, so he has given useful information that will help us to nab others."

He also said policemen engaged invaders at Mailari village in Guzamala Local Government Area of the state, where about 40 houses was burnt down.

"Boko Haram group attacked Mailari village in Guzamala Local Government area at about 2000hrs three days ago; luckily enough our men engaged them, but they fired RPG into the village and about 40 houses was torched.

"We have recorded some casualties but the details are not available now. I am sure if not prompted actions by our men, they have raze down the whole community."

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