Yanor Kukwa, a novelist and poet, has released his latest literary creation entitled: ‘Barack Boy’.

The book was publicly unveiled on Saturday, at the Julius Berger Hall, University of Lagos.

Henry Akubuiro, Nigerian journalist and writer, reviewed ‘Barack Boy’, highlighting the major preoccupation of the book.

According to him, “Kukwa’s novel offers a refreshing tale, considering its setting, a world peopled by soldiers and their families. Interestingly, the stern face often presented by soldiers at battlefields and on the streets isn’t what you see in the barracks. Their families, like others in the society, also undergo vagaries of life. Everybody smiles and freaks, and life isn’t regimented.

“Kukwa’s novel attempts to make us understand what life is like in the barracks, especially how children of army officers grow up and relate with one another, bereft of the tense atmosphere.”

While reviewing the book at the event, Prof Moses Tsenongu highlighted the peculiarities of the novel, stating that “What is worthy of note in ‘Barrack Boy’ is that it is a story that straddles numerous interesting spaces and these spaces are consequential in the life of every child, in the life of a nation and, indeed, in the life of anybody.”

Dr Viashima Simeon, a Law lecturer at the University of Lagos, commended the writer’s efforts, stating that “The lesson in the book is just the normal life struggle. As we grow up, we have obstacles in life. The book urges us not to give up, because the end is exciting. That’s the beauty of the book.”

Kukwa, author of the book, expressed fulfillment over the success of the book presentation, adding that the motive behind writing the book was to chronicle the themes of role modeling, imitation and the lives of growing children in the barracks.

He said: “I am much fulfilled to have written this book, though, publishing it cost me a lot. I have read so many books, but it appears few or no writers have documented life in the barracks in a novel, and that is why I decided to write on the subject matter. After all, I grew up in the barracks.”

He also commended everyone that contributed to the success of the book presentation.

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