Samuel Ortom, Benue State Governor, has said the state reopened the criminal case against former Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Tsav, because he spread falsehood about the governor and his administration.

Tahav Agerzua, Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and ICT, said this on Thursday, through a statement.

The former police commissioner had, in an interview with The Punch, stated that the case he is being prosecuted for was reported to him when he presided over the Public Complaints Commission.

Although the governor withdrew the case when it was first filed, Tsav said his recent visit to the EFCC had made the state government re-open the case against him.

Denying Tsav’s claims, the governor said: “Alhaji Tsav is being prosecuted for forgery and falsehood which he peddled in a letter he wrote to the Governor of Benue State and copied anti-graft agencies and the presidency.

“In the said letter, the former commissioner of police made reference to purported government documents which he forged. The Benue State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice instituted criminal proceedings against him so that he could prove his allegations in court.

“Governor Ortom believes in the rule of law and due process and does not use illegal means to go after anyone.

“When it became apparent to Alhaji Tsav that he could not prove his allegations and that the court would jail him, he apologised publicly and the matter was withdrawn.”

Ortom noted that Tsav came with his chief commissioner and six of his colleagues from the PCC to plead with the governor to withdraw the case.

According to The Punch, the governor said the former police boss also wrote to the Tor Tiv to intervene in the matter on his behalf.

The statement continued: “The governor told those who intervened that he would withdraw the case on the condition that the former police commissioner would tender a public apology and also write to anti-graft agencies, as well as all those he had copied his letter stating that what he wrote was false.”

Tsav was said to have complied with the terms and the case was withdrawn.

Ortom, however, noted that the state Attorney General had to reopen the case when Tsav resumed his falsehood against Governor Ortom and his administration.

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