Attahiru Bafarawa, a former Governor of Sokoto State and presidential aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says he will run a government for the people of the South-East if elected President.

Speaking with NAN in Enugu on Tuesday, Bafarawa said his presidential aspiration is not do or die, but borne out of the desire to render selfless service.

He said that he would not only handover to a President of Igbo extraction if he is elected in 2019, but would also get the Igbo fully involved.

“If I win, I will go with the Igbo from the first day. There is no question of what I will do for the South East because it will be their government,” he said.

Lamenting the state of affairs in the country, he said his presidency would truly unite Nigeria.

“I am disturbed with the way and manner the country is [being run], and my priority will be to bring unity in the country. I have a written manifesto and will not promise what I cannot do. My word is my bond,” he said.

He expressed regrets that Nigeria has departed from the dreams of its  founding fathers, saying: “It is rather sad that these cherished values have often been jettisoned on the altar of sentiments and selfish motives.

“As a long-term player in local and international economic and political relations, I have garnered enough experiences and exposure to provide the requisite leadership for Nigeria.”

On the rising number of presidential aspirants in the PDP, Bafarawa said: “I am a democrat and ready to support the party.”

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