Liu Guijin, China’s former special envoy to Africa, has restated China’s commitment to ensuring that its money does not get to corrupt governments.

In a report published on ties between Africa and China, in line with the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which held in Beijing, China, a declaration was adopted that there would be “zero tolerance” approach to corruption in dealings between China and Africa.

According to Reuters, Liu said: “China’s engagement in Africa is focused on its people and we do not give our money to corrupt governments or officials”.

Also speaking on China-Africa relations, according to Reuters, Cheng Tao, a former head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Africa division and previously China’s ambassador in Mali and Morocco, noted that the government is voted by the people, and investment meant for the people is expected to be spear-headed by government, which is why China deals with government officials.

His words: “An African friend told me, our government is extremely corrupt. How come you’re still involved with them? Our government has asked the Chinese government to build a bridge and a hospital, but the Chinese government shouldn’t help them,” he said, without naming the country.

“I told him - you voted for this government. It’s the only government we can deal with. But the bridge and the hospital are not built for the president or officials, but are for the common people. So I think this is another perspective that can be considered when looking at this issue.”

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