Ace Nigerian comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, better known by his stage name, Ali Baba, has taken a swipe at governors against state police, insisting that it is because they can’t “afford it”.

In a post on his official Instagram handle on Wednesday, the comedian also stated that some states do not want Nigeria to break up, because of their dependence on federal allocation.

He also lamented the slow pace of development in some states, insisting that many politicians would rethink their eagerness to field themselves as candidates, if their allowances were based on the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of their states.

The post read: “The people that always want us to slow down so that they can catch up are the worst kind of people to have around. They don’t process things on your wavelength; they don’t know how you do your thing. They are not capable and thus not empowered to see the things that your foresight can dream up. When their insecurities kick in, they try to hide them under all kinds of guises. They will use all kinds of tricks to get you to step down your climb. Just so they can be like you.

“The greatest problem they have is that they believe that your progress will be a benchmark for their life. Just like some states in Nigeria. The only reason they want Nigeria to be united, is because of the federal allocation. If they don’t get that monthly federal allowance for say three months, will the governor still have enough mouth to answer ‘Excellency’? If each state were to pay their senators and reps from their pocket, would any of them still want to serve their state talk less of Nigeria? Their furniture allowance then will buy only plastic chairs.

"Think about it. Can the IGR of some states bear its overhead? The way I see it, many of the states that say no to state Police are part of why crime is on the increase; because they cannot afford it. They cannot employ and pay teachers, so their educational standards are low.

“But when that happens, the uneducated then become unemployable, who then become those who produce children to while away time. Then, in the end, they all become citizens that the states that can hold their own have to cater for. Just look at all the people who want to be president of Nigeria. Which one is from a state that can beat its chest to be self-sustainable without federal allocation?"

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