After a day spent in the NYSC camp. You try to go beyond the gate. You are told to go back inside. You are told you have come to serve the fatherland. You are told that there are procedures and there are people you must write to and through. The official process takes endless to produce any outcome. You cannot have scheduled flights to Boston or anywhere for that matter. For you, you believe a year of your life is to be spent in service of Nigeria. This is because you are not David Adeleke.

Coming to limelight in 2013 with his hitsong being DamiDuro. In Dami Duro, David tells us some people want to stop him. But they cannot. For the lone reason that he is 'omo baba olowo'. The son of a rich man. I can still hear the tune. I danced to the song in the long unneccesary period spent waiting for resumption in the University after admission.

There is the artiste in Davido. The one who struggled up the music chain to become what he is. He earned his place as a celebrity. You cannot take this away from him. I love this artiste. I can reel his lyrics from memory.

As a matter of mere inquisition, one needs to study the David who slays the Goliath of police investigations on some deaths involving people close to him few months ago and the David who also conquers the Philistines of spending 30 days in a camp before you even dream of jetting out to Boston.

While the NYSC scheme was setup to foster national unity, it also aims at instilling some strict military and paramilitary discipline in the corpers. The scheme often tells corpers yearly in the course of training that if there was a war invoving the nation, they would be the first set of recruits. We just pray there is no war anytime soon as our Fighter Soldier has jet out to Boston.

There is a need for the NYSC to address why such a thing happened having particular reference to the publicity accorded him at the orientation programme and alongisdes this the oppurtunity to leave the camp and with similar impunity post on social media that he has left the camp. It is neccesary that the NYSC speaks on this. What reasons were considered in allowing him to leave? Perharps there is some good sense in them. We cannot dismiss this possibility. It may be due to security concerns or some other concern.

If that is the case, I wonder why Prince Harry could serve in the Royal Air Force. How Mohammed Salah could be reported by Liverpool FC for breaking traffic rules and how Wayne Rooney could serve 1000 hours of community service. These are celebrities higher than Davido's standing. The only difference may be the clime.

Ours is a clime where lifeless statues of stone dance to the music of money, fame and influence.

Why would Davido even want to do NYSC? He said it is due to his love for the scheme. Well, with 30 billion in the account. We can be sure Davido does not need the assurance of 19,800. He possibly is under pressure to avoid the controversy our British accent Minister Kemi Adeosun is presently facing. 

Well, we are a people who have learnt to move on. The government has chosen to ignore the calls for Madam  Kemi to show her certificate or address the NYSC scandal. Nigerians have always moved on. We are used to the distraction of a newer controversy.

Enter David, Exit Kemi!

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