All seems not to be well between Nigerian singer, Wizkid and his first baby mama, Shola Ogudu, as she has accused the singer of not treating her and their son, Boluwatife well.

In a series of posts on Instagram on Thursday, Shola expressed her frusrations with the singer.

According to Ogudu, Wizkid is always trying constantly to prove to the world that he is a good father but is not.

Shola also accused the singer of using his third baby mama and manager, Jada Pollock, to get at his second baby mama, Binta by sending Jada to contact her to plan on how their children can meet.

She wrote: "When the fame and the money goes away, God and family is all you have left. Nothing lasts forever. You really don't want your kids growing up to hate you, especially the one you claim to love so much. When you're done living your life and he wants his brothers and cannot reach them, guess who'll be blamed tor it? No one knows tomorrow. A word is enough for the wise.

"As for me, I‘m at peace knowing I'm in tune with God‘s purpose for my Iife.. You do o, You no do.. God's plans for me and my son's life can never be altered. Czar and Czarina is doing well enough to provide for all our needs and it‘s gonna get better and be the best. This is the Lord's promise for me.

"God made our paths cross solely for today. It was INEVITABLE. He needed a platform to pass a message to the world and he chose you and gave you a reward in return Boluwatife (The way God wants it) All God‘s plan."

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