Nigeria like the Ostrich is yet to understand that lost opportunities are lost opportunities indeed…Ena E. Orugbo.

The world was dazzled by the grandeur of Singapore as Kim Jong-Un, Leader of North Korea took a surprise nighttime walk ahead of his recent summit with Donald Trump, President of the United States of America. This is instructive because lazy students of history relish the correlation between Nigeria’s economic and developmental aloofness to her young age. Really! How old is Singapore? Advocates of quick wins also hinge Nigeria’s “higi haga” on untenable excuses. #Instablog9ja; Nigeria is neither land locked like Ethiopia, mineral resource bare like Japan, over populated like China nor home to 330 million gods like India. Therefore, where did Nigeria get it wrong? The great book says the plague is in the head.

The Blame Game

Prior to this democratic experiment in 1999, the Nigerian military was blamed for all Nigeria’s misfortunes. A Pharaoh came that did not know Joseph, he successfully retired all the political hawks in the armed forces. Nigeria neither progressed nor knew peace. The South blamed decades of marginalization, a minority of the minorities from Southern Nigeria became president. Nigeria neither progressed nor knew peace. In 2015, Nigerians blamed corruption for their calamities. The Czar of anticorruption and epitome of modesty became the new Sherriff in town. Corruption has not died and Nigeria has not known peace. Who and what are the current victims of the Nigerian blame game? Buhari, fake news and corruption is fighting back.

Expectation Management

Nigeria is larger than her president like ships are larger than their Captains. Captains can either run ships aground or steer them to their destinations like presidents can either leave their nations better or worse off. In the case of Nigeria, Buhari is a good leader but what Nigeria currently and desperately requires is a great leader. The uncensored truth is that Nigeria is a great country yet to attain greatness because of a dearth of great leaders. It is therefore an anomaly to expect the right things from the wrong places. Put differently, the APC, PDP, YDP, SDP and AAC and their array of president jokers called aspirants depict no trace of greatness. As the nation sails towards 2019, Nigerians need to crave for a great leader.

Sai Nigeria

Pastor Tunde Bakare says you are either part of the problem or solution. Albert Einstein takes it further, you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. Rahm Emanuel puts the icing on the cake, never allow a good crisis go to waste. In crisis, good leaders blame others so that they can look better but great leaders never allow a good crisis go to waste. Jonathan was demonized by the local and international media for Buhari to be enthroned. Buhari, Osibanjo and company never missed an opportunity to blame Jonathan for Nigeria’s maladies during their 2015 campaigns. The quartet of Atiku, Saraki, Sowore and Moghalu are at it again, blaming Buhari but Nigerians now know better.


Great leaders are not defined by age, race or religion but are resourceful, courageous and stir hope. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reports that Nigeria’s foreign debt grew 17% from the first quarter of 2017 to 2018. Who is to blame for this high debt profile? Nobody, and be reminded that the German and Japanese economies were comatose after the Second World War. Japan and Germany with Gross Domestic Products of $4.939 trillion and $3.467 trillion respectively are currently the third and fourth largest economies in the world. These feats took great leaders and the blame game must stop for Nigeria to advance. Lastly, Nigerians must stop expecting the right things from the wrong places so Nigeria can be taken seriously. Sai Nigeria. 


Dr. Enameguolo Orugbo

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