President Muhammadu Buhari has commended the commitment of the United States President, Donald Trump, and North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un on ensuring world peace.

He said this during his speech at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

Addressing the Assembly, Buhari acknowledged the contribution of the international community towards ensuring world peace.

He said: “We particularly commend the efforts of the United States, North Korea and South Korea to realise our shared goal of a nuclear-free peninsular. We acknowledge the commitment to peace shown by President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. We urge that they continue this positive engagement."

He lauded the commitment of the UN in bringing justice to the families of victims murdered during the Rohingya crisis, and restated his support to the United Nations to ensure that Rohingya refuges are allowed to return to their homes with security protection and guarantee of citizenship.

“In this context, Nigeria commends the government and people of Bangladesh in particular and other countries that have contributed to shouldering the burden of providing shelter and other battle assistance to the Rohingya refuges," he said.

He called on the international community to strengthen its resolve to combat ethnic and religious cleansing anywhere in the world, stating that the international community cannot give up on the Syrian and Yemen people. 

He said: “We must pursue all efforts to find peaceful negotiation and solution to these wars which cannot be won by force or arms alone."

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