Youths and students of Ojo Federal Constituency, Lagos have accused stakeholders in the All Progressives Congress (APC) of replacing the name of the winner of the just-concluded primary of the constituency.

According to the youth, the election conducted on October 4, 2018, saw Yinka Durosimi get the highest number of votes, but he was replaced with Honourable Lanre Ogunyemi, who came third in the election.

They accused stakeholders in the party of publishing "doctored" result as part of their ploy to circulate their preferred name against the elected one.

A statement by the group read: "The Ojo Federal constituency primary election has been robbed by some stakeholders, which we believe is a very expensive mistake on their part. Hon. Lanre Ogunyemi came third with 1,753 votes in the representative election, and he was pushed to the winning position in a published list on The Nation newspaper dated 10th October, 2018, above Yinka Durosinmi with 3,798."

They, however, rejected the imposition of Durosimi, describing it as "daylight robbery".

The statement continued: "The margin of the election is far wide that the conspicuous act broke the record of the popular 'American Wonder'. However, we assure you of remaining law-abiding citizens while we fight for the mandate to the letter.

“The entire students and youth associations within Ojo Federal Constituency reject in totality the holocaust on the circulated dailies, while we urge the state executives of the Lagos APC not to lose its members and support due to this grevious mistake.”

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