Last night, I got so very hysterical about this news; I could not explain the set of emotions that enveloped me. Should I call it joy or pride? Maybe it's even a feeling of doubt and deceit. I seriously can not say till now. I am still laughing uncontrollably.

A few friends were with me, and those online reading through my Whasapp status were already teasing and tagging me a 'millionaire' — money-don-come, where's-my-share jokes all were coming to play.

If seven of us could be physically present to lay our lives down for the nation, (I must recognize all the other partners in this struggle who carried out the #ResumeOrResign protests worldwide - Lagos, UK, US) this has shown that when you dare to struggle, you dare to win.

The rulling gave me only one thing! IT GAVE ME VALIDATION THAT I DID THE RIGHT THING AND I AM STILL ON THE RIGHT COURSE TO LIVING A FULFILLING LIFE. Joining/starting the #OurMumuDonDo movement as a pioneer member came with a lot of fights against many 'opinions', family, friend, religious, societal, relationship, business and personal pressures. I went against most of these 'authorities' and focused on my set of values to please none but the very essence of living.

I remember my mum and siblings, they were scared and very clear about their message — COME BACK HOME! 

A one-week journey turned to two months, Akinsika Bukola would chat me till late midnight begging and crying that I should COME BACK HOME! (her boss kept pressing her with negatives at work about the personalities in the movement that I was protesting with).

Friends and pals of the DEFUTURES also were keen to ensure I CAME BACK HOME! Some older friends who never reached out to me in years, about half a decade, called too. Sogbanmu Oluseyi, he advised me to be careful and said also said COME BACK HOME! BUT I DID NOT LISTEN, we were just set and 'ready to die' (At some point, I wrote a goodbye note, thinking I would die in the struggle.).

After the attack by the Nigeria Police, the issue got escalated and Aljazeera was focused on us; artistes started coming on board, Jim Iyke was present, Daddy Showkey was calling but couldn't make it, Aisha Yesufu of BBOG joined, Oby Ezekwezili too was on the call with us, I think she was ill or some important engagement held her down. Many influential people started reaching us and promising to join as the Internet was agog that we trended with 'Charly Boy' and 'Wuse Market' after the second attack by Buhari apologists at Wuse market — that's another story for another day.

To us, THE REVOLUTION to save Nigeria has started. Any government who promises us anything must do it or we protest. The Shi'ites joined us. They were already against the Buhari government because of the massacre of their people by the military and the unlawful arrest of their leader Elzakzaky who is still in detention against court rulings.

A President who said he won't engage in medical tourism should not. We were to let them know that no form of promises should be made as lip service, the Buhari-led APC government as the case study!

Many Nigerians die daily from lack of basic health facilities in the country, yet the leader and even family gets the best medical attention in UK and Germany... So sad! So, after the attack, (Area Fada Charly Boy fainted, remember) a 67 years old man still fighting for a better country. These days, those in their 30s blindly support those who hold them in perpetual 'slavery' and servitude of the highest order; they support those who have made their source of survival from crumbs, leftovers and, to put straight, begging, gambling, betting and fraud a means of living.

The average 30-year-old Nigerian and above is out there living a life of uncertainty, whereas his counterparts in better climes are policy makers, industry leads, government heads and workers in technology, arts, sciences and many more fields; inventions here remain only on Facebook and Instagram. Yet, these youth can't see that the time to fight is just now!

Raise your voices, challenge them, get knowledge, win souls and unite as a living set of disenfranchised, oppressed, angry positive change seekers and vote out ALL THE OLD BAD GUYS who have led us to where we are right now in this country! This is the Nigeria of their dreams; this is all they could create. They should ALL leave (we should send them packing).

And to those who are asking 'how far' about the N50million. Should I say you should go have your own attack from the Nigeria Police, or tell you the truth that the Police will not pay? In what way has this government recognised court rulings and shown respect to human rights? Maybe 20%. I laugh!

The earlier the better for us to know that N50million is not enough to buy the lives we put at stake during the protests and that the ealier we all rise to challenge the government to be accountable and true to us is the real victory... N50 million will not bring back the lives of my Chibok girls, Dapchi girls, IPOB sisters, Python Dance and Crocodile Smile deaths; it won't bring back those who died of bad road accidents or singer NoMoreLoss (and many) who died of 'common' Malaria; N50 million won't make the lives of the Almajiri boys wholesome, the girls with VVF (Vestico Vagina Fistula) won't be whole too; it won't stop Nigeria from being the POVERTY CAPITAL of the world or make 8.6 million out-of-school youth educated or reduce the unemployment rate from 61.6% (7.9 million youths) to a barest minimum.

Let Buhari respect human rights and stop 'paying' fines. If I had died, I won't be here to rant! We better rise now or regret in future. I can't type much, for I am angry and sad! Dare To Struggle, dare to win! Let's Do This!

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