Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has commended the Mr Voiceover Mentorship Initiative team for their activities geared towards job creation and empowerment.

Osinbajo stated this during his visit to Benin City in Edo State.

Godwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo State, who was present with Osinbajo at the Edo State government house applauded the team of students, Ifeanyi Dickins, Emmanuel Oluwasayomi Ahmadu, Ayodele Ayodeji, Akomolafe Jesutomi, Andrew Nwuzurike, and others for thinking out of the box on finding solutions to environmental pollution.

The initiative is aimed at creating jobs by converting waste nylon wrappers into creative paintings, as well as collage artworks for portrait, furniture design, interior decoration, monument and others.

The vice-president took one of the creative paintings for further review at the Aso Rock Villa, which he said would be shown to President Muhammadu Buhari.

In another development, Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin, Professor Faraday Orunwense and Dean of Arts, Professor Eddy Erhagbe, also celebrated the students for portraying the school in good light.

In an interview with our correspondent, the students spoke about their passion for empowering Nigerian students and unemployed youth by creating avenues for talent discovery and development leading to sustainable assets needed to tackle unemployment, as well as impact the lives of the physically challenged, orphans and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Members of the team lauded the commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari for creating jobs and empowering youth. They pledged their unflinching commitment to the present administration's job creation initiative for youth empowerment through creative skills geared towards creating jobs and making a lasting impact in Nigeria and beyond.

Speaking further, they stressed the need for the government to support their innovative skills, thereby creating an enabling platform for more innovative graduates and youth to contribute their problems-solving ideas and expertise to bring substantial growth to the country.

Mr Voiceover Mentorship Initiative team consists mostly of students of the University of Benin, who recently bagged double international award recognition as an 'Organization Making a Difference in West Africa' and 'Student Brand Of The Year West Africa' on West Africa Citizens Awards 2018, for their sustainable impact on student/youth development programme with the theme: 'Talent Discovery and Development, A Panacea to Solving Unemployment Menace in Nigeria and by Extension Africa.

The vision of the initiative is to create a template for those in government to understand the dimensions of empowerment and job creation for the unemployed youth and graduates.

The group also noted the need to empower youth and unemployed graduates based on the talents or skills they have to offer the society or the talent/skill they wish to be trained in.

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