Nigerian Soldiers Clash With Shi'ites Ahead Of 'Arbaeen Symbolic Trek'

The pandemonium caused by Saturday's clash between members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and the Nigerian Army was capture on video after all.

A video footage of events obtained by SaharaReporters shows the Shi'ites pelting the soldiers, who responded by firing live bullets at them.

Vehicles tried to find safe spots, and the entire area erupted in chaos, people scampering into the nearest gutters and other available spaces.

Eyewitnesses had said the Shi'ia members were on a march from Suleja to Abuja as part of activities for the three-day 'Arbaeen Symbolic Trek', earlier scheduled to begin on Sunday in Abuja.

However, all hell broke loose when the sect insisted on taking a particular route, a move the Army insisted it would not approve.

As of Sunday, the number of casualties was still being disputed, as the Army insisted three Shi'ites died during the incident while IMN displayed six lifels bodies from the incident.


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