Students under the aegis of the Federation of Oyo State Students’ Union (FOSSU) have scheduled a protest against the Oyo State Government for Monday, October 29, 2018.

The protest is an agitation for the students' bursary payment and proper funding of the education sector in the state.

According to the students, the Oyo State Government has failed to honour several promises and agreements signed with the students' body.

A statement by FOSSU on the scheduled protest read: “The leadership of FOSSU national with the chapter and zonal presidents has condemned the non-chalant attitude of the Oyo State Government towards the non-payment of students’ bursary and underfunding of education in the state.

“The leadership totally gives no conformity to this alarming state and, therefore, views this as a colossal disgrace to Oyo State education system. There have been many cases of tertiary institutions being shut down, while some others experience increment in tuition fees. The future shining stars of this state have been denied access to good and qualitative education.

“It is with an unquantifiable displeasure that our campuses in Oyo State have been closed down for some months and we have experienced increment in tuition fees. The state government has never come out to address the student community to meet the demands of Oyo State students, and failed to implement MOU signed between students and government on better ways of funding the education sector in the state, and the payment of bursary, which form was dubiously sold online to the students years ago.

"[There have also been] series of promises not kept during various meetings held towards ensuring government implements the signed pact with students.

“We hereby demand, in solidarity with many reputable national indigenous associations within the state, zonal leadership and FOSSU chapters across the federation that the state government re-open our campuses, fund Oyo State education and pay our bursary.”

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